Side Hustles You Can Do While the Kids are at School

October 15, 2018

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The kids are back in school but you are getting sick of the rat race. You long to be more present in their lives but feel trapped in your current job. You can stay home with the kids thanks to the wide variety of side hustles online and offline. Don’t settle for the conventional when it comes to your worthwhile goals. One thing you can do is seek out some side hustles that you can work on while the kids are at school. Blogging is a common one but not everyone wants to do this. In this post, I will discuss some creative side hustles that are great during school hours.

Sell Goodies Online

This is something you can work on while the kids are at school. If you have a lot of used kids’ clothing in excellent condition, why not take pictures of them and create listings online? You can also sell other items such as books, MP3 players, handmade crafts, online courses or ebooks. This is a flexible and profitable business that allows you to work from home so that you can be there for your little ones.

Start a Home-Based Daycare

This works well for moms wanting to earn money while the kids are at school. Most states require a license and the licensing requirements vary by state. Find out what your state’s guidelines are before getting started. Generally, you will need a background check and attend an orientation session. You’ll need to take safety training and CPR courses as part of the process. The Department of Human and Health Services has a resource guide on how to start a daycare,

Social Media Manager

Social media exposure is important for businesses and if you’re skilled at using it effectively, then consider a career as a social media manager. This position’s duties include creating relevant content, utilizing tools to brand the company through social media, answering users’questions, developing marketing campaigns and sometimes managing businesses’ social media accounts.

Virtual Assistant

The majority of virtual assistants work from morning to late afternoon hours so this fits in with the kids’ school schedule. More companies are hiring virtual assistants to work from home. If you feel that you lack certain skills for this kind of work, there are courses you can take to learn them. Some qualities that virtual assistants must have include:

Reliability in the production of work
Strong research skills
Positive attitude
Ability to multitask
Possession of innovative ideas for clients
Ability to learn new skills

Start your search for these jobs by visiting local business websites to see if there are openings. You can also sign up for a membership with FlexJobs.com. This website features daily and credible listings of telecommuting jobs.

House Cleaning Service

Another idea would be to start a house cleaning service. Start by creating some flyers or business cards. On the flyers, you would discuss the services you offer, the rates you charge, and the schedule you have during the week. Offer discounts and free services occasionally as a way to gain new clients. This is a business that you can engage in during school hours.

Online Tutor

This is excellent for moms with a background in education. Websites like VIPKID and Chegg seek out qualified and reliable online tutors for various subjects. When you apply, you will be asked what kinds of software and other computer equipment you have. They ask this because they want to make sure that you have the most updated tools for the job. Flexibility is also important.

Create a Youtube Channel

If you love creating videos, this is a neat option for you. All you need is a good camera or smartphone that has great video quality. When you create your channel, think about the niche that you want to focus on. Some niches are more profitable than others, but you should never choose a niche only for the income. Success with Youtube takes longer than the above-mentioned gigs, but with hard work, you can earn decent money. There are numerous blog posts and videos that teach you how to do well with Youtube.

In conclusion, with these side hustles you can work hard while the kids are in school. One or more of these gigs might turn into full time businesses from home.

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