My Favorite Frugal Living Youtube Channels

November 10, 2018

As a single stay at home mom, I’m all about frugal living. When my daughter was a newborn, most of her clothes came from eBay. And I prefer to cook delicious meals at home instead of paying high prices for restaurant meals. I learned about frugality from my family and my own experiences as a college student, freelance writer and now as a mom. But I also enjoy watching frugal living videos on Youtube. In this post, I want to discuss my favorite Youtube frugal living channels.

Living on a Dime

This is at the top of my list for several reasons. I’m inspired by Mike and Tawra’s personal story of becoming debt-free and I love to hear the stories that Tawra shares about how her mother Jill raised her and her brother on $500 a month. Their channel was one of the first ones I watched when I decided to embrace frugality as a lifestyle. Mike and Tawra pull no punches with their financial wisdom and their views are similar to mine. If you desire to become a stay at home mom, I recommend their video How to Become a Stay at Home Mom. It gives details on how you can make the transition.

Marriage and Motherhood

Jia is the host of this channel and she’s married with two children. On her channel, she discusses ways moms can save money and she talks about diverse methods of working from home. She has a bubbly personality and she also has a down-to-earth quality that I resonate with. I also enjoy her Costco haul videos and debt elimination videos.

Free to Family

I started watching this channel last year and it’s now one of my favorites. Kim discusses the importance of making room for what is really important in life by cutting out wasteful spending. She has a minimalist approach that I like and she approaches her audience in a fun yet conversational tone. On her channel, you will see videos pertaining to grocery shopping tips, debt-free living, mom hacks, honest vlogs about her financial journeys, and clutter-free living.

Lydia Senn

This is a Youtuber that I have watched for a few years. She gives honest advice on saving money on everyday purchases, getting out of debt and maintaining contentment with what you have instead of trying to keep up with the Joneses. She works from home and I enjoy her videos that give advice on transitioning from working outside the home to working at home.

Sensational Finds

Sarah is the host of this channel and a lot of her videos deal with how to locate the best bargains when shopping. But she also shares tips on cleaning your home with budget-friendly products as well as DIY projects that save you time and money. She is a huge fan of the Dollar Tree so you will see plenty of videos about finds at this store.

Pennies into Pearls

On this channel, Brittany helps you get out of debt by creating a workable budget that you can stick to. She also shares her debt-free journey in certain videos and you’ll find tips on getting the best deals when you shop.

Coffee with Kate

Kate reminds me of my grandmother and great-grandmother. Kate is an urban homesteader who promotes old school life skills that save money. In a recent video I watched, she talked about canning preserves. She also mentions the importance of simple living and maintaining an organized household regularly. I resonate with her thriftiness and her tone is encouraging. My late grandmother was resourceful and created decorations with household items. Whenever I see Kate’s videos, I think about her.

Centsible Living

Money Mom is the host of this channel and although her videos are short for the most part, she gives wise instruction on money management and time management in the home. She shares her money mistakes over the years and sometimes she features quick and low-cost recipes for viewers.

Do it on a Dime

Kathryn is a fun-loving mom who enjoys helping others save money and create beautiful environments in their homes on a budget. On this channel, you will also find grocery store hauls, budget-friendly home d├ęcor demonstrations, meal prep tips, mom hacks, and other personal finance videos.

The Financial Diet

I like the stripped-down yet still professional approach that the women of this channel use to discuss personal finance. This channel is affiliated with the website of the same name and the videos are straightforward. On this channel you will find information on career advancement, shopping on a budget, getting a side hustle, creating budgets, and other aspects of your financial life.

So the next time you need some inspiration on frugal living, check out these amazing channels. The hosts do a wonderful job of teaching on the topic and I learned a lot from them.

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