Best Home Based Business Ideas for 2019

January 23, 2019

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Before you write that business plan or build that website, it’s essential to figure out if the niche you’re interested in is viable and profitable. Sure you may want to sell personalized kids’ school supplies, but if there is no demand for them from your target customer base, you won’t do well. You will also need to study the latest small business trends in general as a way to assist you with deciding on what kind of business you wish to start. Keep your interests in mind when thinking about business ideas.. Here are some small business trends for 2019.

Food Trucks

Food trucks have really changed the food service industry in wonderful ways. In decades past, you had to seek out a business loan in order to purchase a building to open a restaurant. Nowadays, you can spend far less and start a food truck business. Most cities embraced food truck culture, and the great thing is that you can serve a specidic type of cuisine. If you have teenagers, this can be a fun venture because they’ll have the opportunity to be your employees. And if you decide to pass the business to them years later, they will have learned the ins and outs of the business. Before you start a food truck business, it’s important to know your city’s zoning and permit regulations. It also helps to have money saved up ahead of time.

Kids’ Apps

For those who are skilled at coding, why not create some kids’ apps? We know that millions of kids have access to and know how to use mobile devices really well. Your apps will educate kids who may not enjoy reading traditional books in school or at home. Apps like ABC Mouse, Youtube Kids, and PBS Kids are all successful examples of kids’ apps. There are online courses you can take that teach you how to create apps properly for both the iPhone and the Android devices. You can also hire an app developer at an affordable price from a freelancing website.

Elder Care

If you’re a CNA or registered nurse who wants to become self-employed, consider elder care. This is a booming industry that has potential for tremendous growth. You can work as a self-employed senior caregiver. Some of your duties would include housecleaning, food preparation, offering companionship, running errands for your clients, and taking them to the doctor at times. You can also create a flexible schedule and earn a steady income depending on the clients. Create some flyers and bring them to hospitals, nonprofit organizations for senior citizens, beauty salons, and churches. Also spread the word to friends and relatives.

Web Design

Small businesses, nonprofit organizations, schools and health institutions will always need skilled persons to design their websites. If you worked for a design agency, use your previous work as samples to place on your business website. Also include your contact information and the rates you charge. Showcase a wide variety of website designs so that potential clients will see what you’re capable of.

Sell Online Courses

If you have one or more specialized skills, then earn money from them by selling online courses. The courses will take time to create and sell, but in the end it’s worth it because you’ll establish passive income long term. If you were a librarian for several years, you can teach some library science courses. Or if you have a background in graphic design, you can teach various aspects of it.

Handmade Goods

People still appreciate beautiful handmade gifts, and this is still a profitable home based business for this year. Etsy is a great place to start selling, but they charge fees on your earnings so you don’t keep all of the income you earn from this platform. It is better to have your own business website since it gives you more control creatively and financially. Another idea is to sell your crafts at local art festivals. Promote your crafts by posting pictures to your Pinterest boards and other social media platforms. Meet with local gift shops to discuss opportunities for selling your products there. Choose gift shops that sell products similar to yours for better success.

Pet Daycare

If you have an extra room along with a big backyard, why not start a home-based pet daycare? You can provide playmates for your dog or cat while earning money at the same time. Before you take on this opportunity, it helps to learn about animal behavior, pet grooming and the basics of dog and cat health. Some community colleges offer courses in animal sciences. Create a website advertising your services and also pass out business cards at veterinary clinics, parks, schools, churches and throughout your neighborhood. On average, owners of this business charge between $18 and $32 per hour.

Resume Writing Business

Many people struggle with writing the best resume, and if you’re skilled at preparing them right, start a resume writing business. Leave flyers at universities, high schools, local workforce centers, printing shops and with neighbors. Also create a website that discusses your services. The website should also include examples of resumes you worked on.


Ebooks is an amazing source of passive income. You can create a book that helps others and earn income from it. Research the latest bestsellers and niches they are associated with to get an idea of which types of books are selling really well. On the other hand, write about the topics that you’re passionate about.

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